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  简在家吗?Is Jane at home?

  我想和托马斯先生通话。I’d like to speak to Mr. Thomas。

  接线员,我的电话断了。Operator, I was cut off。

  我需要打一个急救电话。I need to make an emergency call。

  我会再打的。I’ll call back。

  他什么时候回来?When will he come back?

  请给我接分机605好吗?Can you put me through to extension 605?


  If he’s not in, please ask his secretary to talk to me。

  Making a Telephone Call

  Clerk:Good morning. Wilson Association。

  Brown:This is Mr. Brown speaking. I’d like to speak to Mr. Thomas。

  Clerk:I’m sorry, but Mr. Thomas left here just a few minutes ago。

  Brown:I’ve been trying to call him for the last ten minutes, but your line was busy. Will he be back soon?

  Clerk:I’m afraid not. He is away for the rest of the day。

  Brown:Is there other way I can reach him?

  Clerk:I’m afraid not. He has gone out of this town on business. May I take a message?

  Brown:I have a business appointment with him at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, but I’m afraid I can’t make it。

  Clerk:Would you like to make another药物治疗癫痫,病情还会经常发作,应该怎么办呢? appointment?

  Brown:Unfortunately, I’m leaving here unexpectedly, and I may be away for several days。

  Clerk:I see. I’ll tell Mr. Thomas that you’ve called。

  Brown:Thank you。

  喂!我是汤姆。Hello! This is Tom。

  我就是。This is him。

  哪位?Who’s speaking?

  请稍等,我看他在不在。Hang on a moment, please. I’ll see if he’s in。

  莉莉,有你的电话。 Lily, there’s a phone call for you。

  抱歉,他不在。Sorry, he’s out。

  他现在正忙着呢。He is tied up right now。

  对不起,让你久等了。I’m sorry to have kept you waiting。

  我把电话给你转过去。Let me transfer your call。

  你要跟谁通话?Who do you want to talk to?

  Answering the Telephone

  Linda:Hello! Who is speaking?

  John:Hello! This is John. I want to speak to Linda。

  Linda:This is her。

  John: Hi, Linda. I’m just calling to invite you to a dinner party tomorrow evening。

  Linda:Really? What time and where?

  John: 7:30 pm, at Longding Chinese restaurant. I’ll be at your place at 7:00 to pick you up if you need a ride。

  Linda:Yes, please. I’ll need a ride. I’ll be waiting for you then。

  John: See you tomorrow at 7:00. Make sure you dress a little formally. I heard the restaur癫痫病会影响人的婚姻吗ant is kind of upscale。

  Linda:Thank you. See you then。

  John:See you。

  K: I want two tickets for The Hurt Locker tonight, please. How much are they?


  T: 50 yuan a piece, but sorry it’s sold out. How about tomorrow night?

  T: 50元一张,但是抱歉今晚的票卖完了,明晚怎么样?

  K: Fine. Do you have anything in the first five rows?


  T: Yes. We do have a few seats available.


  K: Are you free tomorrow night?


  J: Yes.


  K: Two pieces, please.


  T: Here you are.


  J: What’s the film talk about?


  K: It is a war film about a United States Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team during the Iraq War. It’s a big box-office hit directed by Kathryn Bigelow5. As the war in Iraq continues, Staff Sgt. William James carries out one of the most dangerous of all military assignments: bomb defusing. While James thrives on the job’s risks, the head of his support team, Sgt. Sanborn, becomes increasingly worried by what he feels is a growing recklessness7) of James’ behaviour. Then, we should wat邯郸羊羔疯医院有哪些ch by ourselves.

  K:这是一部关于伊拉克战争期间美国军队爆炸物处理小组的战争片。是由凯瑟琳毕 格罗导演的一部电影。伊拉克的战争在继续,陆军上士威廉詹姆斯担负的任务 是军队所有任务中最危险的一种一拆弹。他因一次次涉险而意气风发,但 拆弹组负责给他提供支援的军士桑伯恩却愈加忧心忡忡,因为他感到詹姆斯的行 为越来越表现出不计后果的鲁莽。接下来,我们就要自己看了。

  J: OK. Is Kathryn Bigelow your favorite director?


  K: No. My favorite director is Elia Kazan.He won two Academy Awards for Best Director, for Gentleman s Agreement and On the Waterfront . He was graduated from Yale University’s School of Drama3.

  K:不是。我最喜欢的导演是伊莱亚卡赞。他因执导影片〈君子协定〉和〈在水边》 两次获得奧斯卡最佳导演奖。他于耶鲁大学戏剧学院。

  J: He is also my favourite director. He also directed A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, two of the plays that made Tennessee Williams a theatrical and literary force. He also directed All My Sons and Death of a Salesman, the plays which did much the same for Arthur Miller.

  J:他也是我最喜爱的导演。由他导演而成为名作的话剧包括田纳西威廉姆斯的(欲 望号街车〉和〈玻璃园〉以及阿瑟米勒的〈我的儿子们〉和〈推销员之死〉。 这些剧目分别奠定了田纳西威廉姆斯、阿瑟米勒在戏剧界、文学界的地位。

  K: For actress, who is your favourite?


  J: My favourite actress is Meryl Streep. She is widely regarded as one of the most talented and respected movie actors of the modem era. She was also graduated from Yale School of Drama. Streep has received 16 Aca驻马店癫痫病治疗医院排名demy Award nominations, winning two, and 25 Golden Globe nominations, winning seven, more nominations than any other actor in the history of either award. Her work has also earned her two Emmy Awards, a Cannes Film Festival award, four New York Film Critics Circle Awards and five Grammy Award nominations.

  J:我最喜欢梅丽尔斯特里普。她被公认为是现代最有才华和最受人尊重的演员之 一。她也毕业于耶鲁大学戏剧学院。她获得16次奥斯卡奖提名,两次摘得,25 次金球奖提名,7次摘得。在这两个颁奖礼上她比其他任何演员提名的次数都多。 她同时还收获了两个艾美奖,一个嘎纳电影节奖项,4个纽约影评人协会奖和5 项格莱美奖提名。

  K: I am crazy about her.


  J: You know, while at Yale she played a variety of roles onstage, from the glamorous Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to an eighty-year old woman in a wheelchair in a comedy. “It was immediately apparent,” said then-dean Robert Brustein, “that she was destined for greatness.”

  J:你知道吗?她在耶鲁大学时就已经在舞台上扮演了各种各样的角色,从 《仲夏夜 之梦》中迷人的海伦娜到一部喜剧中80岁的坐在轮椅上的老人。"真是立羊见影," 当时的院长罗伯特说,"她注定是伟大的。”

  K: I like her film Out of Africa. It seems that we have much in common.


  J: Yes. We are both movie buffs. We enjoy the quite different sound effects and visual effects in cinema. And we are both from Yale School of Drama.

  J:对啊,我们都是电影迷。我们享受电影院里非同一般的音响和视觉效果。我们都 来自耶鲁戏剧学院。


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